Final Exam

The Final Exam will be available 8:00 AM Friday, November 20 through 11:59 PM Tuesday November 24 on BlackboardGo to our class Blackboard page, on the blue navigation bar on the left, click Assignments, you will find the exam.

Concepts Study Guide

“Practice” Exam

Useful Formula Sheet

Exam Information

The exact number and type of questions may change. Note both the concepts study guide and the

You may not have anything with you for the exam (no notes, etc) except a calculator. I write questions such that you can get a perfect score without a calculator, and answers should typically be simple whole numbers. However, I understand that if nothing else, calculators are moral support and you can use them. I will provide simple calculators if you need to borrow one, as well as extra paper.

There will be no use of R on the exam. However, you should be familiar with certain outputs of R that I can ask you questions about (such as regression output from lm()).

There will be few, if any, calculation questions. Questions are more about interpretation of concepts and interpretting numbers in the context of various regressions and research questions.

Students that require accommodations and students that know they will be absent must confirm with me any arrangements at least a week in advance of the Exam.

My Advice

Make sure you do all of the homework problems and learn from the answer keys to the homeworks, as well as the in-class practice problems. While some of the questions should be novel applications, conceptual questions on homeworks will get you in the right headspace to think about answering a question on an exam.